Friday, January 28, 2011

The Harvest Restaurant-NY

The Harvest Restaurant
4 Cronin Road
Queensbury, NY 12804

As seen on
-The Best Thing I Ever Ate

Rachel Ray picked this place as her home town favorite. Not alot of people know Rachel Ray is from up by Lake George and worked in Albany for years. So The Harvest Restaurant in Queensbury is her favorite pizza and favorite hometown food. Ill go and check it out. After almost a 2hrs drive we arrive. The best way for me to describe this place is like a diner with a full bar that makes pizzas. They only have one size pizza and it actually isn't very big. I was scared we might have to order 2 pizzas for 2 people. But I didn't realize their pizzas have the most topping Ive ever seen. This was super loaded up piled high. Rachel Ray has her own pizza on the menu called the Rachel Ray Pizza, but that was to plain for us. Her pizza consists of hot peppers, green peppers, and onions. So we got the Rachel Ray Pizza with meatballs, peperoni, and sausage. They call it the Harvest best pizza. Now although this isn't New York thin crust this was almost Chicago style. It had so much stuff it was deep like a pie. Totally delish as Rachel would say.

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