Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cluck U-NJ

Cluck U
53 Easton Ave
New BrunswickNJ 08901

As seen on
-Extreme Fast Food

I've seen this place on a few foodie shows and it seems that alot of people have heard of it. The name Cluck U is kinda cool and funny but then you learn its a chain and all the food is the same and frozen all over the country. This is basically Planet Wings. I am willing to bet they get their sauces and chicken from the same distributor as do most ghetto chicken wing places. The same sauce with a different name. Basically the same menu. So supposedly you need to sign a waiver to eat the hottest wings in the world and they are supposedly sooooo hooootttt!!!!! I got some Nuclear Fusion to go and bring home for my brother. They told me I didnt have to sign a waiver. I tried one hot and although they were so hot it hurt and they were totally unenjoyable or even uneatable, I have had hotter. If you're looking for some college frat boy make you go to the bathroom fried chicken wings in 25 different sauce in a to go box then this is the place.
Please excuse the pictures I have been to more then 1 Cluck U at different times pictures were taken

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