Sunday, July 4, 2010

Louis Lunch-CT

Louis Lunch
263 Crown St
New HavenCT 06511

The birthplace of the American burger as we know it today. Louis lunch has been cooking up the beef for over 100years and still uses the same stoves. This is the smallest eatery  I have been to. Only a few tables and mostly standing room only. The walls are covered in history and nostalgia. Louis has been on TV show after TV show and i really don't understand why. Expect to wait at least 20mins for your food and to receive and attitude by the employees its part of their thing. I was totally underwhelmed and honestly it was one of the worse burgers I have ever had. Yet it was just on The Best Thing I Ever Ate last week and some guy said it was the BEST burger he has ever ate. If you like a plain burger on white toast with onions and tomato then this is the place. NO KETCHUP NO MUSTARD

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