Thursday, July 15, 2010


595 River Road
Edgewater, NJ 07020
(201) 941-9113

Mitsuwa is the largest Asian market on the east coast. Just about the size of your local Hanaford or Shoprite but with the addition of a huge food court holding 5 or more spots to eat authentic Asian fair. Ive been visiting Mitsuwa for a few years now on River Rd in Edgewater to fill my Asian fix. This place is so serious they have a free shuttle bus from Chinatown daily. Whatever you need they have. Japanese toilet paper, Japanese hair dye,  Asian soap, Asian Mayo, Asian salt, Asian eggs, anything a regular store would have but you cant read any of the packages. Its so much fun trying to figure out what you are looking at. 

As seen on
-No Reservations

My fiance and I always pick up some stuff we have never tried before and it is usually a surprise. They have sushi, a bakery, meat, seafood, drinks, Hello Kitty, candy, octopus, crabs, green tea icecream,samples of stuff. The parking lot is usually a mess this place is always packed.

Isles of Saki and beer all Asian of course

Toothpaste anyone?


But there is 1 thing we always come back for. We drive an hr and a half just for 1 snack.  Creamyaki from a booth in the food court. A waffle type dessert filled with creamy pudding. Shaped like fish or with different animals on each side. This is worth the trip alone. SO good and still hot and steaming. I almost forgot to mention they own a few stores outside selling Asian books and Asian stuff. Also a sushi place right on the pier overlooking NYC. This location is so great you can grab a few bites go outside and overlook Manhattan across the Hudson River. 

Plastic food you know its authentic 

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