Sunday, June 6, 2010

Peninsula Grill-SC

Peninsula Grill
112 North Market Street
Charleston, SC 29401-315

This may be the fanciest restaurant in Charleston but boy is it beautiful. After seeing this place on Throwdown for 12layer coconut cake I knew one day I would make the journey. Coconut is my fiance and I's favorite thing in the world. So after scoping the place out we decided it was alittle fancy for us. Prices are around $35-50 for dinner a la carte. I called up and asked if i could order a slice to go. The cake in the restaurant is $14 a slice I believe to go was $11. You can order the cake online shipped to your house for $196 shipped but this cake wieghs 30lbs!!!!!! So we took the cake to the waterfront right there in Charleston. The city is amazing and the park was beautiful lit up at night by the gas lanterns at night. The cake was sure good. But being with my fiance in Charleston was better.

As seen on
-Unique Eats
-Sinful Sweets
-My Favorite Place

This is what it is supose to look like

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