Monday, June 28, 2010

The Roost-MD

The Roost
5281 Reisterstown Rd
BaltimoreMD 21215

As seen on
-No Reservations
-The Wire

This place is a hole in the wall in a bad part of town. Just walking up to it is intimidating for a punky  white kid. They are famous for serving up LAKE TROUT which actually doesn't come from a lake and isn't even trout. Being totally out of my element and uncomfortable i order up some lake trout with collard greens and mac and cheese. This place has some serious soul food. Everything was really good. I shared it with about 5 of my friends and they all said it was great too. The lake trout was like little sardines fried up and still had the bones in it so eating it was tricky. Definitely had to pick some bones out of my mouth but was really good some of the best fried fish I've ever had.

Check out Anthony Bourdain in Baltimore eating some Lake Trout

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