Monday, June 7, 2010

White Manna -NJ

White Manna Cheeseburgers
358 River Street
Hackensack, NJ 07601-5817
(201) 342-0914

Finally made it to White Manna after seeing it on every food show in existence. This place is super awkward. Looks quite strange on the outside and the inside is so small everyone is mushed into each other. Super packed waited maybe 20min for our food. The one women cooking the food was mean and could have used a shower but those burgers never looked so good. Sitting there watching them sizzle and the onions and the steam. I think its all part of why they are so good. They tease you for awhile and you cant have them you have to wait your turn but they are right in your face cooking up.
These little sliders were super good and super cheap. I ordered 4 with everything and shared a fry and was full. Super greasy and super sloppy. Pretty much White Castle done right. I def plan on going back to this dive.
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I have been here 3 times. One of my favorite burgers ever!

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